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Vitiligo Spring And Summer Skin Care

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Vitiligo PatientObjectively, vitiligo as a skin diseases, could happen or spread during all four seasons every year, but it also appears seasonal characters.Especially, vitiligo appears more during spring and summer two seasons. Therefore, how should vitiligo patients take the skin care?
First of all, pay attention to do the skin “exercises”. According to the clinic experience, perform some skin exercises could improve the skin ability to adapt the seasonal variation. For example, the basking and massage are all great way to exercise skin, of course, vitiligo patients should pay more attention to avoid long-term exposure in the sunshine, otherwise, it will lead the aggravation.
Secondly, vitiligo patients should maintain the skin stays moisturized. Human skin is easy become desiccated during spring and summer seasons. Patients should not take shower frequently. In general, patients should shower in suitable temperature; better not rub skin heavily; avoid strong alkaline soap, which could reduce the sebum lower to the normal level and lead the skin dryer, itch, chap and so on.
Thirdly, patients should wear some soft clothes. If the clothes are too tight or the materials are too tough, it could lead skin itching and swelling even damage. It is because of the human body will continuously scratch with clothes and produce static, the static could further damage skin. Vitiligo patients could select some cotton and silk clothes as underwear and shirts to prevent skin from static and aggravation.
Fourthly, avoid over-exposure to the sunshine. The sun light intensity increased during summer, and over-exposure could lead the dermatitis, especially on the head, face and other exposed areas could lead the melanocytes damage and lost the melanin formation ability. Over-exposure white spots might appear blister and peeling symptoms which could direct the aggravation.
Fifthly, don’t touch the wounds. Skin will gain greater risk of bumping, burn, mosquito bite, thus patients must pay more attention to external injuries. External injuries could lead the lost of melanin.
One thing need to be indicated is that, although spring and summer are the risk seasons for the vitiligo happens and spreading, they also a good time to cure vitiligo. During spring and summer, the human metabolism becomes vigorous. The blood circulation accelerated, and the medicines are easy been absorbed and usage. If patients could treat the vitiligo in time, the vitiligo is easy controlled, and the treatment will be less difficult.

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