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Why is there a symmetrical distribution of vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Why is there a symmetrical distribution of vitiligoToday I will talk about why some vitiligo have a symmetrical distribution.The distribution of vitiligo is not a rule,it can be symmetric,or along the nerve of band,unilateral distribution,white spots can be widely distributed,it can also be restricted to certain parts,which are normal.The symmetrical occurrence of vitiligo is actually a kind of sporadic vitiligo.The clinical features of sporadic vitiligo are scattered in multiple pats of the patient.It has some symmetry.For example,the patients has white spots on his left arm it also in his right arm.The reason for symmetry is that is closely related to the human body’s nervous system and meridian.

Sporadic vitiligo is one of the common types of vitiligo.To spread the disease of vitiligo in various parts of the body.Mainly small plaques,The plaque is not dense,distributed widely,patch symmetry distribution,So how does the patient tell whether is sporadic vitiligo?

Distribution of vitiligo has following characteristics:

1.White spots are scattered over multiple part of patient It has a certain symmetry distribution.Not limited to one location,less clustering.

2.White spot area of patients with sporadic vitiligo,relatively small,usually not more than half of surface area.This feature is also the main basic for the differentiation. of sporadic vitiligo and generalized vitiligo.some patients mistakenly believe that white spot are listed in multiple areas of vitiligo.In fact ,if the area is not more than half of the surface area,it can be considered as sporadic vitiligo.

Therefore,patients with sporadic vitiligo should pay attention.If not treated,procrastination in the treatment of time and neglect of care,In the long run,it is possible to spread to the epidemic of vitiligo,making it more different to treat.

Vitiligo looks the seem,in fact,every patients have different performance.So the treatment,a comprehensive and accurate symptomatic treatment of the patient’s physical state must be performed.In this way,the treatment effect of the disease can be guaranteed as soon as possible.

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