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Will all the vitiligo growth you face?

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Will all the vitiligo growth you face?Does all the vitiligo grow or spread of the face?The answer cannot be answered simply by affirmative or negative.Because of the pathogeny and pathogenesis of each vitiligo patient,there is a particularity,so you can’t generalize.

The biggest characteristic of vitiligo is that it spreads easily,and it spread easily to the face,it’s a lot of trouble for vitiligo patients,It’s a question that patients with vitiligo would like to know,vitiligo has a preference for exposed parts of the face,neck,etc.

One is that expose skin is susceptible to sunlight.

The second is the excessive accumulation of intermediate material of melanin which is synthesized by the cell itself.

Third,the friction part of the long-term compression,the microcirculation is blocked.local lesion causes vitiligo.

Vitiligo occurs in the face or expose areas.seriously affected people’s image,this will bring great harm to patient’s mind and spirit.The face of vitiligo must be treated in time.otherwise,after the development,the area of white spots will expand a lot.Disfigurement for the patient.The patients must be begin the vitiligo be cured,it’s easier to treatment at this point,it’s very difficult treatment later.

Stay meanly and mentally happy in life,this is the important point,Meanwhile,patients with vitiligo should try their best to ralax and enjoy themselves.This also the recurrence or spread of vitiligo.

It also suggestion the patients should treat the disease correctly.Pay attention to adjusting your mental state.Most other cosmetics and occlusions have the effect of stimulating the skin,Patients are advised not to use them,as so not to speed up their diffusion.

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