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How to diagnose it is vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

For vitiligo’s diagnose, the white spot and vitiligo most easily misdiagnosed for skin diseases. Thus many patients always miss the best treatment time to treat vitiligo, so we have to learn how to distinguish the vitiligo and the white patches.

How to diagnose vitiligo For vitiligo’s symptoms, over some part of skin, oral cavity, genital organ, mucous membrane all may appear differ in size, single or multiple irregular white patches, and the white patches area gradually expand, the amount of white patches also increased.

The white patches are sensitive to the sunlight or ultraviolet, the white skin tend to become red, burning, blister, and itchiness.

Although vitiligo looks like similar, but the degree of loss of pigment are various. It can present as the light white, and milky white, cloudy white, porcelain white. In rare case, white spot can disappeared itself.

4. there is a clear boundary between the white patches and normal skin, but if the vitiligo are belong to the developing stage, white patches boundary are quite blurring. You will observe white patches surrounded by the diffusion halo ring which between normal skin color and the white patches.

5. The white patches surface smooth, no scales or scars, the sensation and the secretion function are normal, but there are less patients feel white patches itchiness. It always happen when the vitiligo still developing, or the treatment show effective.

But when vitiligo will start to spread ? As we all known that the most typical characteristics it that vitiligo easily to spread. Under normal conditions, vitiligo will start spread at first three to six months. Vitiligo’s spreading related to various factors. Such as patient’s physical condition, onset time, environment stimulus etc all there factors might trigger vitiligo spreading process.

When vitiligo spreads, white spots spreads all around from its center, the white patches area increase to about twice than the original, and there is no pattern for vitiligo spreading time, generally it occur on the innitial stage of vitiligo.

The state of illness is related to the psychological stress. Prevent vitiligo spreading, and avoid exposure under the sunlight too long time, and reduce the ultraviolet ray simulate the white patches. Patients should avoid eating the foods that contain enriched vitamin C. take the food such as the sesame-seed paste-powder enriched of the melanin. By the way patient should now stat at the stressful work environment.

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