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How To Correctly Judge The Vitiligo Treatment Effects

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

How To Correctly Judge The Vitiligo Treatment EffectsMany vitiligo patients don’t know how to judge their treatment effects. There are a patient treated his vitiligo for one month and found his vitiligo site have melanin island appeared and very happy and thought that his vitiligo is recovered and ready to give up the treatment. Some vitiligo patients their vitiligo condition is quite serious, after treated for about one to two days, the feel their vitiligo have no changes and thought it can not cured. In fact all these situations originated from the patients have full understand about their vitiligo, they don’t know how to judge their vitiligo treatment effects. In this article, I’d like to explain to you how to correctly judge the vitiligo treatment effects in detailed.

Melanin pigment generated in the vitiligo sites is proved that the vitiligo treatment have some treatment effects. The treatment effects means the patients treated scientifically and regularly, their vitiligo symptoms obviously relived, their vitiligo have recovery sign. The color of vitiligo gradually become lighting. The color of vitiligo changed from cloud white, pure white into light white and have pigment belt appeared. The edge of vitiligo will have some sporadic spots with normal skin color. The number of vitiligo start to gradually decreased, the size of vitiligo will gradually dwindle with the vitiligo recovery. In that time, vitiligo patients must insist in treatment and can not give up their treatment because of a little improvement. Only insist and consolidation treatment, can their vitiligo be cured completely.

Moreover, if the vitiligo patient’s sick time is short, if they treated properly and timely, they can get better treatment effects especially for the vitiligo on face, abdomen. But if your vitiligo in the stable stage, the vitiligo on the months, lips, hands, legs and etc, in that time, the treatment course will longer and not quite easy to get treatment effects. Because the blood circulation in these parts are quite poor.

Vitiligo patients should systemic diagnose their vitiligo, find out the true causes of their vitiligo to help the doctor make targeted treatment plan and get rid of the toxic melanin in their body, prevent it regenerate, effectively active the tyrosinase activity and adjust the internal organs, blood, immune functions. The vitiligo patients also should keep a good life habits, have good mind state.

All in all, vitiligo patients can not give up the treatment because of the see the improvement or give up treatment because of can not see the hope of recovery. If you want to know more about how to judge the treatment effects of vitiligo, welcome mail to .

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